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What is an Action Day?

An Action Day is a day on which you won’t find the participating pupils at school. Instead, they get to exercise a job of their choice for a day. This could be anything from working in a local shop to accompanying an important politician or businessman on their duties for the day. The money they earn goes to the youth-related project(s) their national organization has chosen to support that year. Due to the fact that the aim of the Action Day is to show solidarity with young people who have fewer opportunities in their region of the world, some of our member organizations refer to their Action Day as a ‘Social Day’. For more specific information on all our member organizations’ Action Days and the projects they support, please refer to their websites.

What are SAME’s goals?

You find will the things we stand for and those we want to achieve in our vision and aims.

How are you funded?

Most our funds come from the European Union’s Erasmus Plus programme. Apart from a ‘Key Action 1’ grant for Summer Camp we apply for every year, we have also applied for a ‘Key Action 2 Strategic Partnerships for Youth’ grant.  A small fraction of our income comes from donations. SAME’s finances are independent from those of the member organizations.

Do you employ any staff?

Two of our volunteers have taken up the tasks of content administrator and finacial administrator respectively. They are paid a monthly volunteer allowace of 160 euros, which is covered by the Erasmus Plus programme. Apart from these two young people, SAME relies fully on volunteers. These volunteers choose to invest time and effort in SAME on top of their work within  their member organizations.

Why are there only 7 organizations in the network?

Not all established Solidarity Action Day organizations acting in Europe are part of the SAME network. There are multiple reasons for this, e.g. no interest or not sharing our values. On the other hand, SAME actively supports new Action Day initiatives by inviting young people interested in organizing an Action Day in their own country to Summer Camp as observers. We are also working on a starter’s kit for new initiatives. We do, however, demand that organizations that want to join the network comply with all the Basic Common Principles

Can I join SAME? How can I support the network?

If you live in Norway, Denmark, Germany, Belgium, Italy or Serbia, you can join your national member organization. If this is not the case, you can start you own initiative and contact us.

Can I support SAME financially?

Donations to the SAME network are much appreciated and will help to ensure the future of the network. If you wish to donate, please contact us.

How do you communicate?

Our working language is English: it is the language we use in our working groups, internal and external communication and the main language used at Summer Camp. Our methods of communication vary so as to include a maximum of participants. We hold a few physical meetings a year, but we also take full advantage of the Internet by using e-mail, social networks, video conferencing and interactive documents.  For our internal communication, we use Podio, a non profit crm platform to keep our files and projects together in one place.

How do you take decisions?

SAME makes a point of respecting every member organization’s sovereignty. All decisions made within the network are considered supplementary to the individual organizations’ policies.
Therefore, all proposals must be approved by the member organizations either during the annual general assembly of SAME or during a Council meeting.

Where do you meet?

Most of our work happens online. Throughout the year we communicate through regular video conferences and e-mail correspondence. We also hold several physical working group meetings a year. Our main event, however, is the Summer Camp. This one-week gathering is hosted by a different member organization every year.

How can I keep up to date with current events in the SAME?

You can follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You will also find our calendar and news feed on the homepage.