Since 1985, Operation Dagværk gives ca. 20 000 Danish students the chance to work for one day on the first Wednesday of November. Together, they raise about 4.5 million DKK a year.

Our slogan: Awareness|Attitude|Action (Oplysning|Stillingtagen|Handling)

Inspired by the idea that originated in Sweden, Operation Dagsværk was created with a starting-point in the “Danish Movement of Students” ("Danske Gymnasieelevers Sammenslutning") and "The national union of students at courses" (“Landssammenslutningen af Kursusstuderende”). However, today Operation Dagsværk is a totally independent organization.
The idea was to give one day of one’s own education, so that other young people in the world who did not have the same possibilities could have an education as well.

As students traditionally do not have much money, they chose a format where, instead of a traditional fundraising among the students, they could give a "day's work". One would work for a single day, and then the earnings would go to a development project. This way everyone could participate.
The basic idea of ​​Operation Day is still the same today, and we have now collected over 128 million DKK for development projects worldwide.

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