Since 2006, Progetto Zattera Blu gives ca. 8 000 Italian students the chance to work for one day in April. Together, they raise about 78 000 euros a year.

Our slogan: Una mano tira l'altra - One hand pulls the other

Our story starts in 1993 when the "Cooperativa La Zattera Blu" was funded in Schio. From the beginning, it has had a strong social commitment and has always supported a large number of initiatives concerning youth and active citizenship. In 2003, after having promoted the birth of 3 new social enterprises, these were all put under a common management called "Progetto Zattera Blu", which embodies 4 Cooperatives under an umbrella structure: Adelante (based in Bassano del Grappa) is one of them.
It was within Adelante that the Social Day was conceived in 2006, after some volunteers got in touch with campaigners of the German youth-association SHL – Schüler Helfen Leben. This initiative aims to enhance the social change, giving the chance to students of every academic level to enter in touch with volunteering for a civil effort, asking them to "make their hands dirty", stain their hands for a valuable aim.
The project was launched in a high-school in Bassano d.G. in 2007 counting 150 pupils, turning to involve the whole Province of Vicenza within a period of 3 years: every edition has been showing a greater number of participants and supporters, from students to coordinators, from headmasters to entrepreneurs. The last figures confirm an unexpected and enthusiastic contamination, embracing in the network various subjects and different kinds of activities proposed, making the whole Community part of a common project of social responsibility. The latest numbers report more than 8.000 students, 60 schools of different level, 200 third-sector organizations, voluntary & informal groups, 53 municipalities and more than 1.500 employers.
At the current time, the apparatus of entities and bodies concerned by the project has a good expansion on the national territory, counting Social Day initiatives in other Regions and Provinces all around Italy.
In 2016, Social Day will celebrate his 10th birthday, always aiming to spread the message "change the rules", to stand for a fairer world and to empower students to get their voices heard.

Support us on our 10th Social Day, on 16 april 2016!

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Progetto Zattera Blu
- Legal address:
Via Lago di Tovel, 16 36015 Schio (VI) - Italy
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Via Divisione Julia, 42 36030 Calvene (VI)
 +39 0445 325393


Via Divisione Julia 42 36030 Calvene (VI) Italy