Union of secondary school students of Serbia (UNSS)

UNSS is a youth organization founded in December 2003 with aim to represent and advocate secondary school students on national and European level. UNSS is a national youth network that gathers more than 160 school student councils from over 60 cities in Serbia and represents about 80 000 secondary school students. UNSS is member of several national and international networks, such as NAPOR, KOMS, OBESSU and UNICEF. In the year 2009, UNSS managed to change the umbrella law on education, upgrading the role of secondary school students in decision making process.
Union of secondary school students of Serbia is the largest youth organization in Serbia. Our organization was developing dynamically and today we are independent, representative, secondary school organization. We had two campaigns about students' rights: "All different, all equal" and "Rights on the lights". UNSS became full member of OBESSU (Organizing Bureau of European School Students Unions) in 2006, and since then secondary schools students in Serbia have got right to decide and create European education and youth policy.
In 2010, we organized "Social day" (Action day) for the first time. We had about 1000 volunteers in the 15 cities in Serbia. We collected about 8 000 euros, for the "School environment" projects. On second Action day project participated about 2000 volunteers from 18 cities and we collected 9000 euros, for the projects of "Culture in schools". In 2012, the year of volunteering and "Social day" was organized in December, and since then it has been a self- sustainable project. Continuing "Social day" " was organized in April 2014 and in April 2015. Preparations and campaign for our sixth "Social Day" are already underway. We are all looking forward to what we hope to be the largest "Social Day" in Serbia.

Sarajevska 38/2, 11000 Belgrade Serbia