Since 2006, YOUCA gives  Belgian students the chance to work for one day in the middle of October. Together, they raise money for youth projects all over the world.

The story of YOUCA starts in 2005, when 3 inhabitants of Halle, a city in Flanders, meet each other while working for the NGO Diaconia in Brazil. When Daconia won the Norwegian Student Award in 2005, Bart, Ellen and Carine were introduced to the concept of Operation Daywork in Norway. Immediately, they recognized the potential of organizing such an initiative in their hometown. They contacted the Belgian social entrepreneur Ewoud Monbaliu and thus the first edition of YOUCA (than stilled named Zuiddag) took place in Halle, one year later.

What started as a local event involving 8 schools and 500 participants soon turned into a quickly growing organization with 3 full time employees organizing an Action Day in 200 schools all over Flanders and Belgium.

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