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What we stand for

Vision of SAME

SAME enables youth to empower youth to act on the challenges they face.


SAME aims to:

  1. strengthen its member organisations and to provide them with assistance and support.
  2. enable and encourage exchange of information, experiences and good practices among the member organisations in order to improve their aims and activities;
  3. spread the Solidarity Action Day and to support new Solidarity Action Day initiatives, organisations and campaigns across Europe; and to
  4. promote youth empowerment and global solidarity between young people.


In order to achieve those aims, SAME:

  1. offers help and support for existing member organisations;
  2. represents itself and its member organisations and promote its topics towards the European public as well as towards relevant European bodies, institutions and policy makers as well as towards supporters;
  3. provides its member organisations with relevant information, research and expectations on Solidarity Action Day issues as well as on European topics and policy making linked to their activities;
  4. coordinates the exchange between the member organisations and creates a platform to share information, experiences and good practices;
  5. stimulates learning on an organisational level;
  6. encourages and supports new Solidarity Action Day initiatives by transferring knowledge, experiences and good practices;
  7. educates and empowers young people; and
  8. stimulates mutual learning on a personal level.

Vision and aims for download.