Do you sometimes feel like reading the news is depressing? Climate change, armed conflicts, unemployment or the housing crisis, just to mention a few problems. Now, the COVID-19 pandemic has put the mental health and well-being especially of young people even more at risk.

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About the training

A report by the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) shows that mental health problems among people have doubled in most countries during the pandemic. Furthermore, the WHO concludes that world-wide one in seven young people aged 10-19 years experiences a mental disorder, accounting for 13% of the global burden of disease in this age group. Depression, anxiety and behavioral disorders are among the leading causes of illness and disability among adolescents. Therefore it is very important to be well informed about this issue.

Within the seminar we will address the topic by asking what it is like to face these problems as a young person living in Europe? How much do you think you know about mental health? What do you do to take care of it? Furthermore, how can we as young people stand together and show solidarity to others while also taking care of ourselves?

Practical information

  • Date: 01.12. - 05.12. 2022
  • Location: Lübeck, Germany
  • Accommodation: Jugendherberge Lübeck-Altstadt (Mengstraße 33, 23552 Lübeck)
  • Language: English
  • Age: 16-23 (exceptions possible)
  • Travel costs, accommodation and full catering will be covered by SAME
  • Applications closed

The seminar will take place in the city of Lübeck, which is located in the north-east of Germany. Participants will be staying at the Jugendherberge Lübeck-Altstadt and the official programe of the seminar will take place at the SAME office.The first day 01.12. (Thursday) is the arrival day and 05.12. (Monday) is the departure day, meaning that participants can arrive/departure at any point during these days depending on their travel arrangements. The official program lasts for three days (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).

During this seminar we will not deal with information or discussions about specific disorders. During the seminar please be mindful of others´ and your own well-being by trying to avoid topics and issues that can be triggering. The seminar and agenda are outlined and defined by the themes of solidarity, education and awareness, and during will not be dealing with personal issues.


See the topics of the seminar here:

Introduction to mental health

  • What is mental health? Why is the topic important?
  • What is the stigma behind problems with mental health?
  • How do these aspects differ between different European countires?
    • What is the current narrative in Europe on mental health?

Take a stand

  • What are current issues that affect mental health (of youth)?
  • What does it mean to have struggles with mental health?
    • What can cause struggles?
    • How do we recognize stress?
  • What are possible coping strategies?
  • Where do we draw our strength from that keep us resilient? Discovering/identifying resources to care for their own mental health (self-care/well-being)
  • Where do we get support if needed?


  • What can we individually do for others, and structurally on a societal level?
  • How do we reduce the stigma behind prolems with mental health?
  • Practical take aways: How can we show solidarity to others?

For a more detailed overview take a look at the program


Trainer information:

Claus trainer photo dare2care

Claus Caspari studied psychology in Germany and Sweden. He works for Dare2Care as co-team lead of the conceptualization of educational formats. His focus is on mental health and how it is affected by other factors such as peer pressure, social media, sexuality, and gender. His motivation is to spread psychological knowledge for everyday life.

Milena trainer photo dare2care

Milena Möller is responsible for the topics volunteer as well as workshop coordination at Dare2Care. In the 2,5 years working for the organization, she has also gained a lot of workshop experience as the lead of Dare2Cares Berlin regional site. She is passionate about changing the current education system.

aAlena trainer photo dare2care

Alena Engel studied psychology in Germany. She is a workshop trainer for Dare2Care, among others on mental health. Besides, she is interested in topics such as diversity, (in)equality of opportunities and social justice. Alena’s motivation to facilitate workshops for Dare2Care is that she wishes she had such a program when she went to school.

This seminar is part of our European Solidarity Seminar Series: Every day decisions are made that affect the future of young people in Europe. The way we deal with important issues like the ongoing climate crisis, nationalism, migration or discrimination will shape the future of our continent for ages. Central questions of this seminar series are: Does solidarity know borders? How much solidarity do we as young people want to show? And what can we do to make this world a better place?

For every training course, participants will receive a certificate of participation.