Who can attend the Act.ival for Future?

All young people aged 16 - 25 who live in a country that is a member of the Council of Europe, Belarus or Kosovo.

How can I participate?

If you want to join the Act.ival for Future, simply apply via our application form.

When will I find out about the selection results?

The deadline for application is January 24, 2021. Shortly after that (but not before) we will send you a mail with the selection results and further information.

What means hybrid event?

Hybrid means that you can either join the Act.ival online or on-site in Lübeck (Germany) depending on the current Corona situation. All programme elements are designed for both forms of attendance. After the selection process opportunities of participation (online or on-site) will be assessed in terms of the current pandemic situation (COVID-19).

Do I have to pay any costs?

Online participation is free. If you attend on-site, there will be a participation fee of 30 EUR. Besides the organizers will cover any travel, accomodation and lodging costs.


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