SAME stands for ‘Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe’. This movement includes
several organizations in Europe that carry out an annual action day. During this day,
pupils get the chance to exercise a job of their choice instead of going to school.
Their salaries are used to support youth projects in the whole world.

SAME organizations act on the grounds of the human rights. The network stimulates
youngsters worldwide to work together for a sustainable and fair world. SAME
enables youngsters from different backgrounds to learn from each other with the
aim of strengthening their sense of social, ecological and economical responsibility
and their competences, so as to become active citizens in their societies. SAME
organizations spread their message through a variety of channels to reach a broad
spectrum of people. The network believes in the power of young people and wants
to make their voice heard, so it can influence public opinion and policy making.

These quality guidelines make up a common ground for the SAME. They define good
quality regarding the work within the SAME organizations and the SAME network. All
SAME organizations agree to the guidelines because they have a great feeling of
responsibility for their work and aim to fulfill this responsibility while demanding high
quality. They declare they will take these guidelines into account in their daily work.
The guidelines should be seen as a tool to improve the organizations’ work, by
reflecting both on their strengths and elements which can be improved. They will,
however, in no case be imposed as ‘rules’.