At our Solidarity Action Day for Beginners Conference you will learn everything you need to know to succesfully organise your own Action Day. Together with other young people from all over Europe - both new to the idea and experienced activists - you will exchange and come up with an action plan for your organisation!


About the event

Do you want to create change? Do you want to make an impact for what you believe in? We will support you to take a stand for your ideals and projects! With the “Solidarity Action Day”, your organisation or initiative can become independent, set your own agenda and stand up for young people all around the globe. The Solidarity Action Day (SAD) is not only a powerful fundraising tool, but also a valuable means for youth engagement and global solidarity.

At this training, you and up to two other people from your organisation will learn everything you need to know to start a successful fundraising campaign with the Solidarity Action Day and become connected to our Europe-wide network. Through interactive sessions and workshops, you will develop practical skills in organizing and implementing the SAD, concluding in developing a concrete strategy with action plan, timings and next steps for themselves and their whole organisation.

You will gain the skills necessary to adapt the SAD concept to their regional contexts, to identify target groups and supporters, and to mobilize resources. Besides, you will have the opportunity to build a network of like-minded peers from diverse backgrounds and regions across Europe. This network will serve as a valuable resource for sharing ideas, collaborating on future initiatives, and providing mutual support in the implementation of the SAD.

We organize the SAD for Beginners Conference with the objectives to (1) provide you with a comprehensive understanding of the concept of the SAD, including its history, significance, and its role in promoting active citizenship and youth participation; (2) to facilitate the development of your concrete action plans and strategies for organizing and executing a SAD in your regions. Empowering you with concrete plans will ensure that the SAD concept translates into tangible, community-driven initiatives that align with the work plan's objectives. (3) To collaboratively compile an agreement for a comprehensive SAD mentoring plan during the conference, which foresees regular update calls, more individual follow-up seminars and physical visits to your organisations.

For the trip, all costs will be covered by SAME (including accommodation).

Practical information

  • Date: May 30 - June 3 2024 (including arrival and departure day)
  • Location: Lübeck, Germany
  • Age: 16-25 (exceptions possible)
  • Number of participants: 30
  • You can apply as a delegation from your organisation (up to three people)
  • Participation fee: 20€

Applications are now open and you can apply by sending an email to expressing your motive in organising the Solidarity Action Day in your country and information about your organisation. If you have a delegation in mind already, you can include it in the email.

Applications are closed - see you soon!