Next Start-up seminar is taking place on Sunday, June 2nd.

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SAME hosts two Start-up Seminars a year. During the seminar youngsters from different initiatives and countries meet to bring the Solidarity Action Day back home. SAME provides workshops on different topics to support initiatives on their way to a successful Solidarity Action Day, that is organized according to SAME’s principles.  

No matter whether you have a big, national organisation behind you, or just a loosely organised group of passionate friends, this Start-up seminar is our way to get you going on the road to a Solidarity Action Day. We prepare it to provide answers to many different questions, from the basics of what a Solidarity Action Day actually is to practical questions, like how to deal with insurance for participants. Though circumstances might vary drastically from country to country and from organiser to organiser, we try to compile experiences of SAME members and general tips and tricks to help you along the way.

During our events, you can get in touch with organisations which already organise a Solidarity Action Day. Together with us, they can provide answers to all your questions and tips and tricks for organising a Solidarity Action Day.


If you are interested to participate in our next Start-up seminar contact us via for more details.