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One of the main objectives of SAME is to spread the idea and concept of the Solidarity Action Day to new initiatives and organizations.

The idea of the Solidarity Action Day is simple: Young people swap their normal day at school for a job of their choice. They donate their salaries to youth-related projects from all over the world. Large number of young people participate in the Solidarity Action Day annually.

The aim of the Action Day is to establish solidarity between youth during their years of education, including marginalised / oppressed youth with fewer opportunities and / or minorities around the world. But that’s only half of the story.

The Solidarity Action Day, when organised according to our principles and values: inspires active citizenship, youth-led development and global solidarity. At the same time, it is an impactful instrument to provide access to political education and to raise money for a good cause.

Through our programme and office in Lübeck, we are promoting the Solidarity Action Day in several different ways:

All this is due to the fact that we in SAME believe in the importance of the Solidarity Action Day – the importance of youth taking informed action in times when facts sometimes seem as fluid as water and action sometimes feels useless. No matter what the change you want to see is, or how many people you think you can organise, the actions you take are important. When many people act locally while thinking globally, we believe substantial change is possible.