The ADI Start-up seminar is the perfect opportunity to get informed about the concept of the Solidarity Action Day, how to implement it and how to motivate youngsters to take part, take a stand and act.

General information

As COVID-19 has disrupted the project plans of us all, we are happy to announce that this upcoming Start-Up Seminar will take place in presence! If you are either willing to organize a Solidarity Action Day in a country that does not have an action day initiative yet or if you are part of an initiative but want to brush up your knowledge, you’re very welcome. The ADI Start-up Seminar is held by SAME to guide and facilitate the start-up phase of new Action Days. During this seminar, organisations and individuals interested in the concept of the Solidarity Action Day will come together.

Short description

During the seminar we will explain the Solidarity Action Day concept and will explore the ideas and values behind it. Together with like-minded youth from all over Europe, you will be provided with all the tools to implement your own Solidarity Action Day. Through the seminar you will be inspired by an innovative workshop and take many new ideas back home. After the seminar, we will keep in touch and support you in the implementation of your Solidarity Action Day.

Goals of the seminar

o Get to know SAME and the concept of the Solidarity Action Day

o Take the first steps towards organising your Solidarity Action Day

o Get an understanding of youth-led organisations, democratic decision making and development cooperation

Practical information

Submit an application for your organization/initiative via | APPLICATIONS

Working language | English

Number of participants | 20

Age of participant | 16-35

Date of the seminar |  December 9-12 2021

Application deadline | Prolonged and ongoing


Participation requirements

• Ability to travel to Lübeck, Germany to participate in the seminar

• basic level of English to be able to actively participate in the program


If you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to contact us via: