How it started

Five very active and inspiring high school students gathered together in 2015 and realized they need an umbrella organization for high school student parliaments. That day, with the help of NGO Juventas and with the support from Schuler Helfen Leben, which is also part of SAME, the Union was created. From the very beginning they had a strong will, determination and vision and in one year from 3 high school parliaments, one was created in every Montenegrin high school.

The mission of the High School Students Union of Montenegro is to facilitate and create a single, secure and confidential umbrella community for all students 'parliaments of Montenegro, with the aim of promoting the importance of high school students' participation in decision-making processes in all aspects of their education; strengthening the democratic potential of young people, engaging in contemporary trends in youth activism, all through various forms of education, and international cooperation. Our vision is a society where young people are a pillar of development and every high school student has the opportunity to realize their potential and aspirations.

Our Solidarity Action Day

The first Action day in Montenegro was held in April 2017 in Podgorica. After only three years, Action day 2019 was held in 10 Montenegrin cities. Every year we start with media promotion in February, but also with other organizational matters. Through a very organized web-site, Montenegrin students can find the perfect job for their educational profile and enjoy a new and fruitful, career-helping experience. 

Our projects

From money gathered from Solidarity Action day, UNSCG supports projects from High school student parliaments in Montenegro. Also UNSCG is a member of Western Balkans Youth Cooperation Platform, which supports youth from the WB6 to get involved in public activities. Being a part of the "Coalition Against Peer Violence" gives a chance to contribute to the prevention of violence in high schools. With a various number of smaller projects through year, UNSCG supports life of high school students through activities and interactive events. UNSCG also coordinates the only Youth center in Montenegro, from its opening.

Our best practise

Through the past two years of the coordination of the only Youth centre in Montenegro, UNSCG has become very good at coordinating various youth services. Our organization has also opened the “Information point” as a youth service for every high school student who is unsure what to study/ where/ how and all other questions we can help about. Through various workshops held in the Youth center by our members, we encouraged ones who have never been to a workshop or spoken publicly to give themselves a chance and try new opportunities.