Civil courage through storytelling - a civil theatre workshop by Civil Words

Class Matters! Reflections on social class, positionality and becoming an ally by Jule Lux

Climate activists demand system change not climate change by Joshua Zimmermann

Climate change's toll on mental health by Iva Trogrlic

Creative Writing as a form of self-empowerment by Simoné

Diversity & democracy - every voice counts! by Clemens & Emilia

European identity - between self-determination and external attribution by Jonas and Khaled from YEP

European Migration Management in the Sahel and North Africa by Tonja from Kolping

Fact-checking as a mean of fight for democratic and diverse society by Marija from Raskrinkavanje

Firewall - tackling hate online by Laila and Karo from firewall

Forced Migration - Exile - Homecoming. Willy Brandts political engagement for a democratic Germany and a new Europe a Museum tour by Willy Brandt House

Fridays For Future fighting for climate justice by Selina und Katharina

Fundraising for youth-related projects by Marko

Garden of co-existence by Beybin

Guerilla Knitting (also for beginners) by Hannah and Luisa

How can the 17 Sustainable Development Goals ensure a better future by Susanna from FLOW 4.0

How to be an anticapitalist A framework for social transformation by Verena Fisch

Migration and sea rescue in Europe by Dorina from Mediterranea Berlin e.V

Musical Dance Workout by Leon Krajinovic

Picturing solidarity by Filip Blazic from Center for peacebuilding

Queer Education by Finlay

QUESTIONS ABOUT SEX (for women and queers) by CHICKS

Repairing our way to a circular economy by Andrew Curry from Repair Cafe Glasgow

Self Love Practise - Fighting Daily Discrimination by Shivani Engling

Solidarity Action Day in my country - a new and innovative tool for social impact by Marko Milikic from SAME

The Diversity of Gender and Sexuality by Loki from Qube


Voguing Workshop by Maksym aka. Gentlebitch

Why is being aware of myself and others so important for our society by Rajiv and Naima

Youth in B&H Between brain drain and activism by Srdjan from SHL BiH

Global Climate Justice: Mobilising Youth for COP27 by Rachel and Tom from Climate Action Network Europe

How to do fact checking?! by Caroline from Correctiv

City of Dreams - creating a city for all of us by Malena Fröhlich and Jemila Nesredin-Said from BUND

How to organize campaign against lithium mining when the whole world is supporting it by Marš sa Drine

Activist journalism - We are the source of information by Ivan from Mars Sa Drine

How to inclusion?! by Hedda und Helene from SJB