How it started…

The methodology of Youth Can`s work is consisted out of 3 main segments: Inspire, Identify, Act! Aiming to inspire young people, we are engaging them in the organization’s activities and while promoting personal and professional development we are guiding them through the process of career guidance. Mentorship process is very important for us, since every group or person that is part of our activities has his/her own mentor. Youth can has established pool of experienced young mentors that are working with our target groups and beneficiaries in every activity. Moreover, one of the main programs that is consisted in our membership is for developing future mentors, facilitators and trainers, with constant support, capacity building trainings in their personal and professional developments.

Youth Can’s mission is to:

  • Initiate personal development of young people through youth work and non-formal education
  • Raise awareness of young people about active citizenship as powerful tool to influence socialdevelopment
  • Give opportunities to young people to implement youth initiatives and creatively express their opinions and attitudes
  • Promote the rights and liberties of young people (youth mobility and intercultural understanding)

Youth Can envisages a society where young people are leaders of the today, not of the tomorrow.

Our projetcs

Through its 11 years of work, Youth Can has been helping young people build capacities and today is proud to have many skilled volunteers, youth workers, trainers, leaders and project managers within the organization. Some of the fields we work on are mental health, career guidance and volunteerism.

Youth Can has worked on many local and national initiatives, and has implemented and been partner in a large number of international projects within the ERASMUS+ programme.

Moreover, our repetitive activities that are relevant in the field of working with young people and advocacy campaigning are:

  • Youth Leadership Initiatives
  • Motivational Weekend
  • Make a change be a VOLUNTEER
  • Youth Local Initiatives
  • Step towards the career of your dreams

Best practice

Our best practice is Youth Can’s membership concept which is consisted of 3 senior and 3 junior programs. All programs are dedicated to different fields such as mental health, career path and volunteerism so there is a place for everyone to fit in in accordance with their own needs and preferences.