Are you organizing or implementing the Solidarity Action Day in your community, country or on the European level? Or are you simply interested in the concept of the Solidarity Action Day? Then join our study session You(th) empowered - the Solidarity Action Day as means for youth participation! 


The study session will be implemented together by SAME and the Council of Europe. SAME has the vision that “young people act in solidarity with their peers and stand up for democracy, equity, human rights and intercultural understanding”. Further, the organisational team wants to highlight the accessibility of this Study Session for everyone, the intended inclusive character of the event and the barrier-free location.

Promoting human rights is an inherent part not only of the concept of the Solidarity Action Day, but also of the Council of Europe, Europe’s leading human rights organisation. The study session itself seeks to provide an in depth understanding of youth participation building on expert knowledge, principles and policies of the Council of Europe, one of the major political institutions framing youth policies in Europe.

From an organisational perspective, the study session contributes to keep and improve the quality of the Solidarity Action Day as a means for youth participation in a phase, in which SAME as an umbrella organisation is facing further growth and is undertaking a major effort to spread the concept of the Solidarity Action Day all over Europe.

For you, the event offers a unique opportunity to take a step back and to reflect on the meaning of youth participation in your own volunteering context. You will be empowered to enhance the democratic and participatory elements of the Solidarity Action Day in your local community, your national Solidarity Action Day organisation/initiative and within SAME. Furthermore, you will get an insight into the work of the Council of Europe.



07/11  |  Arrival day

08/11  |   Introduction; SAME & Council of Europe

09/11  |   Challenges and future perspectives

10/11  |   Youth participation

11/11  |   Development of the Solidarity Action Day

12/11  |   Spreading the Solidarity Action Day

13/11  |    Departure day


Date     |   November 7-13 2021

Place    |   European Youth Center Budapest, Hungary

Costs    |   Travel costs, accommodation, visa and catering covered by the CoE

Participant fee    |    50EUR

Language    |    English

Participants      |   25

Age     |     18-30 (exceptions possible)

Application deadline  |  September 30



The study session is prepared with the assumption that sanitary conditions will allow for a residential event at the European Youth Centre. All applicants will be kept informed if changes occur, and the organizers will adapt the study session methodology and scope where appropriate and as a result of potential restrictions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.