Who we are

SAME stands for ‘Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe’. This movement includes several European organizations that carry out an annual Solidarity Action Day. During this day, pupils get the chance to exercise a job of their choice instead of going to school. Their salaries are used to support youth-related projects in the whole world.

Here you can get to know more about us and our member organisations.

Member organisations


SAME consists of 8 Member Organisations and 1 Candidate Organisation from 8 different countries: Operasjon Dagsverk (Norway), Operation Dagsværk (Denmark), Schüler Helfen Leben (Germany), YOUCA (Belgium), Social Day (Italy), Operation Daywork (Italy), Unija Srednjoškolaca Srbije (Serbia), Asocijacija Srednjoskolaca u Bosni i Herzegovini (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and Unija Srednjoskolaca (Montenegro).

All of them have their own strengths and are unique. However, they share the same principles and values and the Solidarity Action Day as a tool for youth activism.

Vision & mission

As active citizens, young people act in solidarity with their peers and stand up for democracy, equity, human rights and intercultural understanding.

Principles and values

All member organisations are different, however they are united through different principles and values.


The concept of a Solidarity Action Day dates back to 1963, when a group of Swedish youngsters launched ‘en dag för Dag’.


Once the idea of the SAME network was consolidated, we started thinking about how we could work efficiently as a group.