SAME - Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe - is the network of European youth organisations carrying out an annual Solidarity Action Day. On this day, pupils get the chance to work in a job of their choice instead of going to school. They donate their salaries to youth-related projects from all over the world.


Upcoming opportunities

29. 09. 2022

Panel discussion: Press under pressure (in German)

Freedom of the press and information in Europe are in danger. Besides physical and verbal violence, journalists face government repression and restriction, even in democratic EU member states. What do we need to change to ensure press freedom for the next generations?

30. 09. - 03. 10. 2022

Skill Training - media literacy, countering fake news & hate speech

With the rise of the internet, hate speech, fake news and conspiracy theories have become a threat to our democracy and create an atmosphere of fear and insecurity. We want to counter that!

01. - 05. 12. 2022

European Solidarity Seminar - mental health

How much do you think you know about mental health? What do you do to take care of it? How can we as young people stand together and show solidarity to others while also taking care of ourselves?



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