SAME - Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe - is the network of European youth organisations carrying out an annual Solidarity Action Day. On this day, pupils get the chance to work in a job of their choice instead of going to school. They donate their salaries to youth-related projects from all over the world.


Upcoming opportunities

02. 06. - 05. 06. 2022

Start-Up Seminar

We have made it our mission to spread the concept of the Solidarity Action Day all across Europe! All participants who either want to organize a Solidarity Action Day in their country of residence or are already part of a Solidarity Action Day initiative and want to refresh their knowledge are welcome.

09. 06. - 13. 06. 2022

European Solidarity Seminar - Classism

Every day decisions are made that affect the future of young people in Europe. The way we deal with the ongoing climate crisis, nationalism, migration or discrimination will shape the future of our continent for ages. One of the central questions is, how much solidarity do we want to show in Europe. Does solidarity know borders?

20. 06. - 26. 06. 2022

Picturing Europe – Photography & Filming Summer Camp

How can I tell stories with videos or pictures? Or how can I get my political message across? At this summer camp, you will learn about different photographic and filming approaches and become creative. At the same time you will meet young people from all over Europe and spend one week at the beautiful Lake Ratzeburg in Northern Germany.



Get involved

Start an initiative

Are you interested in starting a new Solidarity Action Day Initiative in your country? We can help you!

Become a member

You are part of an organisation that already implements the Solidarity Action Day? Join the movement!

Do a voluntary service

We offer opportunities for volunteering! Are you the person we need?