SAME - Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe - is the network of European youth organisations carrying out an annual Solidarity Action Day. On this day, pupils get the chance to work in a job of their choice instead of going to school. They donate their salaries to youth-related projects from all over the world.

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How can we make decisions that take into account the needs of all? And how can we develop solutions that everyone is satisfied with? In this seminar you will discover ways to deal with diversity and decision-making and to reflect upon your own behaviour.

Webinar series

From 14. - 25. September 2020 we are proudly offering our next training webinars.


SADYP Study Session cancelled for 2020

Due to the current developments of the Corona pandemic and the changes Hungary had just introduced about strict travel restrictions we have to cancel the study session You(th) empowered - the Solidarity Action Day as means for youth participation.

What we do

In times of growing Euroscepticism, SAME encourages young people to stand up for a fair and democratic world by taking up social commitment and showing solidarity. We believe in the power of young people and want to make their voices heard. In this context, we spread the idea of the Solidarity Action Day all over Europe and support new Solidarity Action Day initiatives.

Furthermore, we offer training and education for our members. Besides that, the SAME member organisations strengthen each other through the exchange of experiences and best practices.