Overview of our upcoming events

Want to join our seminars, webinars or other activites? Here you can find all our upcoming events.

9th-12th December, 2021

Start-Up Seminar

During the Start-up Seminar youngsters from different initiatives and countries meet to take the Solidarity Action Day back home. SAME provides workshops on different topics to support initiatives on their way to a successful Solidarity Action Day, that is organized in accordance with SAME’s values and principles.

16th-19th December, 2021

Skill training - Conflict management

Do you want to learn how to solve conflicts and reflect upon your own behaviour in conflict situations? You should join our conflict management seminar. Within this seminar you will learn how to discover conflicts and how to solve them. You will also reflect upon your own conflict behaviour patterns and discover how this knowledge might help you in future conflict situations.

20th-23rd January, 2022

Picturing Solidarity – Photography & Filming Workshop

Do you want to bring your photography skills on a new level? Or do you want to create your own short films, reels or tik tok videos? And do you want to meet young people from all over Europe and discuss important social issues? Then join our photography and filming workshop “Picturing Solidarity”.

10th-13th February, 2022

Skill training - Facilitation/Moderation

Do you want to give trainings, or improve your moderation skills? Or do you want to get ready to supervise groups of children & youth? Join our skill tarining seminar!

17th-21st February, 2022

European Solidarity Seminar - Climate Change and Action

Climate Change and rising global temperatures are no longer only concerns of scientists and small groups of environmental activists. The public seems to know, there is something happening to this planet and that there is a need for action. Here you can apply to "Climate Change and Action" seminar to learn more about these issues!

06th-11th April, 2022

Act.ival for Future

Act.ival for Future is coming back in 2022! Stay tuned for further updates.

2nd-5th June, 2022

Start-Up Seminar

We have made it our mission to spread the concept of Solidarity Action Day all across Europe! All participants who either want to organize a Solidarity Action Day in their country they of residence or are already part of an Action Day initiative and want to refresh their knowledge are welcome.

20th-26th June, 2022

Picturing Europe – Photography & Filming Summer Camp

How can I tell stories with videos or pictures? Or how can I get my political message across? At this summer camp, you will learn about different photographic and filming approaches and become creative. At the same time you will meet young people from all over Europe and spend one week at the beautiful Lake Ratzeburg in Northern Germany.

9th-13th, June 2022

European Solidarity Seminar - Classism

Every day decisions are made that affect the future of young people in Europe. The way we deal with the ongoing climate crisis, nationalism, migration or discrimination will shape the future of our continent for ages. One of the central questions is, how much solidarity do we want to show in Europe. Does solidarity know borders?

9th-16th July, 2022

Sailing Trip

Set sails and embark with us on a sailing journey this summer! Together with a group of young people and with the guidance of an experienced captain, we will explore the Baltic Sea. Of course, we will also deal with important social issues. 

Series events

European Solidarity Seminars

Are you a young person between 16 and 25 and interested in change and climate action, migration and mobility or democracy and diversity? Then join our brand-new and interactive European Solidarity Seminars and get some thorough insights into these topics!

Skills training series

SAME offers training courses to many different topics throughout the year. Check out our upcoming trainings.