Overview of our upcoming events

Want to join our seminars, webinars or other activites? Here you can find all our upcoming events.

SAME Alumni conference

Solidarity Action Day Movement in Europe (SAME) is celebrating its 10th birthday!


European Solidarity Seminar - Mobility & migration

Application for our upcoming seminar about the topic migration is open now!

Study Session in Budapest, Hungary

Are you organizing or implementing the Solidarity Action Day in your community, country or on the European level? Or are you simply interested in the concept of the Solidarity Action Day? Then join our study session You(th) empowered - the Solidarity Action Day as means for youth participation! During the five-day seminar in the Council of Europe’s European Youth Centre in Budapest, we will explore different dimensions of youth participation, especially in the context of the Solidarity Action Day.

Betzavta seminar – making joint decisions

How can we make decisions that take into account the needs of all? And how can we develop solutions that everyone is satisfied with? In this seminar you will discover ways to deal with diversity and decision-making and to reflect upon your own behaviour.

ADI Start-up Seminar

During the Start-up Seminar youngsters from different initiatives and countries meet to take the Solidarity Action Day back home. SAME provides workshops on different topics to support initiatives on their way to a successful Solidarity Action Day, that is organized in accordance with SAME’s values and principles.

Series events

European Solidarity Seminars

Are you a young person between 16 and 25 and interested in change and climate action, migration and mobility or democracy and diversity? Then join our brand-new and interactive European Solidarity Seminars and get some thorough insights into these topics!

Skills training series

SAME offers training courses to many different topics throughout the year. Check out our upcoming trainings.