Our member organisations are:


Asocijacija srednjoškolaca u Bosni i Hercegovini

The Association of Secondary School Students' in Bosnia and Herzegovina (ASuBiH) is a non-governmental and non-political organisation.

OD Italy

Operation Daywork

OD Italy wants to promote civil activism through our awareness campaign and the Solidarity Action Day.

UNSCG (Montenegro)

Unija Srednjoškolaca Crne Gore

Unija Srednjoškolaca Crne Gore is the newest member organisation in SAME, but this doesn't mean they are not as active as the others. Check all their work!

OD Norway

Operasjon Dagsverk

Operasjon Dagsverk fights for equal opportunities for all youths throughout the world. We want to provide youths in the Global South with educational opportunities.

SHL (Germany)

Schüler Helfen Leben

Schüler Helfen Leben supports people to get experts in their own interest. As young people we develop, decide and take solidly responsibility and our actions overcome borders.

UNSS (Serbia)

Unija srednjoškolaca/ki Srbije

UNSS wants to engage as many high school students as we can through various projects developing their skills.


OD Denmark

Operation Dagsvaerk

The aim of Operation Dagsværk is to give one day of our education in order to provide other marginalised youths and/or students education.

Social Day (Italy)

Social Day

The main goal and mission of Social Day Italy is giving active people, within Social Day and in the supported projects and initiatives, the opportunity to achieve important citizenship skills.

YOUCA (Belgium)

Youth for Change and Action

YOUCA (Youth for Change and Action) is an organisation for, by and with youth. We encourage youth to work for a sustainable and fair society.

Candidate organizations

Currently, there are three organisations that are official candidate members of the network.

  • Youth Can has been organising the Solidarity Action Day for a few years in North Macedonia.
  • TOKA is preparing to organise their first Solidarity Action Day in June 2023. 
  • Our newest candidate is AS@N, who have already organised a few succesful Solidarity Action Days in Albania. 

You can find links to their websites at the bottom of this page.