One of the main objectives of SAME is to spread the idea and concept of the Solidarity Action Day to new initiatives and organizations. Through our programme and office in Lübeck, we are promoting the Solidarity Action Day in several different ways:

Firstly, SAME visits European youth events and youth initiatives all over Europe, to promote and inform about the Solidarity Action Day. In interactive sessions, the participants learn about its principles and values, while getting ideas on how it could be interesting for their own initiatives.

Besides that, SAME hosts two Start-up Seminar a year. During the seminar youngsters from different initiatives and countries meet to bring the Solidarity Action Day back home. SAME provides workshops on different topics to support initiatives on their way to a successful Solidarity Action Day, that is organized according to SAME’s principles. 

Finally, SAME offers general support and monitoring to new initiatives through regular contact and visits. These visits can both include visits from SAME to initiatives with interactive workshops and information sessions, as well as visits from the initiatives to SAME Member Organisation to get inspired. This is an essential step towards the planning and implementation of their Solidarity Action Day. As part of this, SAME provides a comprehensive guide to inspire and motivate young activists to become part of a European movement.

Are you interested in getting to know more about the Solidarity Action Day? Do not hesitate to get in contact for a visit or join our events.